Clinical Outcomes at GRS

Genesis Rehab Services (GRS) strives to be the premier physical, occupational, speech, and respiratory therapy provider for the older adult population by delivering remarkable outcomes and experiences. To achieve this goal, we provide you with clinical outcomes that allow you to benchmark your performance and identify clinical opportunities within your facility. We use the Modified Barthel Index (MBI) which is comprised of ten measures and the maximum achievable score of 100. 

Results You Can Count On

Our Clinical Outcomes Report provides clinical evidence of the gains a patient has made in his or her functional abilities through active participation in the rehabilitation process. The Clinical Outcomes Report provides you with a wealth of information regarding your patient population. In using the Modified Barthel Index (MBI), Genesis Rehab Services is able to provide national benchmarks as a comparison to the aggregate data for facilities or groups of facilities.

Our evidence-based practices result in proven clinical outcomes that surpass industry norms. On the MBI, for example, GRS is 13.5% more efficient and 7.8% more effective than the national average! We also ensure appropriate
lengths of stay through proactive discharge planning, addressing ALL of the residents' needs, including the caregiver in the care process, ensuring that each resident's progress is sustainable, and conducting home evaluations to ensure safe discharge.

Demonstrating Improvements in Functional Abilities

The MBI Clinical Outcomes Report helps you gauge the difference you are making in your patients’ lives and in the functional gains that the patients make through participation in rehabilitation. Essentially, this report provides you with valuable information about the demographics and clinical outcomes for your facility.   

The Clinical Outcomes Reports include:

  • Functional gains in Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and functional mobility (Admission vs. Discharge Scores)
  • Discharge settings for the patient population
  • Diagnosis or impairment group percentages, based on the patients’ admitting diagnosis codes
  • Average length of stay data
  • Payor Group Mix

Real-Time Reports

Genesis Rehab Services can provide real-time reports on different levels, including customer chain reports, individual facility reports, and patient specific reports. The patient level reports show the patient’s prior level of function and outcomes at a minimum of every ten days to show trending in the patient’s rehabilitation experience. These reported outcomes allow the therapists to change the patient’s plan of care to optimize functional gains. All of these reports can be shared with your referral sources to outline the positive impact that their decision to refer a patient to your facility has made on the patient’s rehabilitation.