As each of us does our best to navigate through the new challenges we face each day, the one element that continues to stand out is the importance of the thousands of small acts of everyday compassion and caring we see taking place daily. We are fortunate to have “everyday heroes” working with us, and we are doing our best to acknowledge their dedication and commitment to caring for our patients and each other.

We are equally as fortunate to have collaborative partners who have provided us with ideas to make us better and, in turn, provide tools, education, and/or strategies that have helped you as well.

As a national provider, we have national resources which has been vital to our patients, customers and employees during this worldwide outbreak. Some of our resources, expertise and actions are listed below. Our Genesis Rehab Services tasks force meets daily to continue to keep our customers, associates and industry informed on best practices, updates and sharing acts of compassion.

We continue to learn and adapt but through it all we recognize our mission, to improve the lives we touch through the delivery of high quality health care and everyday compassion.

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Nominate a Healthcare Hero
To honor and recognize employees who have worked tirelessly to help protect the lives of those in their care, we invite the families and loved ones of Genesis Rehab Services (GRS) clients to nominate a Healthcare Hero. We will feature some of the stories of our Healthcare Heroes on social media.

Live Virtual Wellness Classes for AL/IL Community Residents
Registration. Classes include functional strength, meditation, maximizing memory, Tai Chi

COVID-19 Vitality To You and Outpatient Procedures

Genesis Healthcare Coronavirus Response Timeline

COVID 19 Update March 23 2021
New CEO, Regulatory Updates, Alzheimer's Facts and Figures

COVID 19 Update March 1 2021
Vaccines, Relief Funds, Regulatory Update

COVID 19 Update February 11 2021
A Grateful Heart, Regulatory Updates, Free Webinars

COVID 19 Update January 28 2021
Solutions Seminars, COVID Coding Guidance, Regulatory Updates

COVID 19 Update January 14 2021
Genesis News, Part B Reimbursement, Advocacy

COVID 19 Update December 22 2020
Thanks, Regulatory and Reimbursement Update

COVID 19 Update December 9 2020
Part B Advocacy, Vaccines, Wellness

COVID 19 Update November 23 2020
Holiday Safety, Part B Advocacy, CMS Infection Training

COVID 19 Update November 12 2020
Respiratory Services and PDPM, Potential Fix Part B Cuts

COVID 19 Update October 29 2020
Outcomes During Pandemic, Vaccine Distribution, Quality Reporting

COVID 19 Update October 16 2020
Falls Prevention, PT Month, RT Week, Regulatory Wellness Class Recordings

COVID 19 Update October 1 2020
Pain Awareness, PDPM Outcomes, Regulatory

COVID 19 Update September 17 2020
Falls Prevention, National Assisted Living and Rehab Awareness Weeks

COVID 19 Update September 3 2020
Health Matters Series, Wellness Classes, Advocacy, Regulatory

COVID 19 Update August 20 2020
2021 Physician Fee Schedule, Advocacy, QRP Data

COVID 19 Update August 6 2020
2021 Physician Fee Schedule, Advocacy, QRP Data

COVID 19 Update July 30 2020
Telehealth, Regulatory Updates, Virtual Wellness Classes

COVID 19 Update July 16 2020
Gym Re-opening, Occupancy, Regulatory, Advocacy

COVID-19 Update June 25 2020
Covid Testing, Travel Restrictions, Regulatory Update, Successful COVID Barbecue, Wellness Classes

COVID-19 Update June 18 2020
Data Reporting, Reprieve from Medicare Cuts, Telehealth, Emergency Management

COVID-19 Update June 11 2020
COVID-19 Outcomes, Advocacy, and Regulatory

COVID-19 Update June 5 2020
Inspection Results, Survey and Reporting, Wellness

COVID-19 Update May 29 2020
Industry Advocacy, Regulatory Updates, GRS Wellness Resources

COVID-19 Update May 22 2020
Industry Advocacy, Regulatory Updates, GRS Wellness Resources

COVID-19 Update May 14, 2020
Industry Advocacy, Regulatory Updates, GRS Wellness Resources

COVID-19 Update May 7, 2020
Nurses Week, Regulatory Update, Telehealth

COVID-19 Update April 30 2020
CMS Quality, Safety and Oversight, TRICARE Update, Thanking our Heroes

COVID-19 Update April 23 2020
Unintended Impact of COVID-19, Regulatory Updates

COVID-19 Update April 16 2020
Respiratory Support, Transition Planning for Patients Returning Home, Patient and Caregiver Education Videos, Regulatory Updates

COVID-19 Update April 9 2020
Resources: Funding Programs, PPE Resources

COVID-19 Update April 1 2020
Telehealth, Protecting Patients and Their Caregivers, Regulatory Updates